Our Triage Service can support your staff and provide coverage for your patients. A Triage Assistant trained in identifying the nature of the call will field the majority of calls. Upon gathering information, the triage assistants will ask a few short questions; if symptoms are mentioned, the call is immediately forwarded to a Registered Nurse.

Our Triage RNs and Triage Assistants work from protocols you write and tailored to suit your needs. RNs and triage assistants will verify patient admission status and assist them with anything that does not require direct attention from the on-call point of contact, including but not limited to pain management, bowel issues, respiratory distress, change in condition, medication questions, and DME troubleshooting.

With our service, your on-call staff will be able to prioritize their attention on high-acuity patients and visits by reducing their involvement in non-clinical calls as well as clinical calls. When it is necessary to contact your staff, we can do so through a phone call or a HIPAA-compliant text message. We will document all calls received by our staff related to patients in a report at the end of each shift and in the patients' medical records.

Our team has experience with over 16 different EMR applications. Your staff will be relieved of after-hours responsibilities, reducing burnout and optimizing human resources. Healthcare Tele-Services help you provide compassionate, reliable, professional, and affordable care.